Your Business Community (YBC) Review

20 Mar, 2018 | Blog

YBC was formed in 2014 as a modern alternative to Federations and Chambers Finding that, increasingly, small businesses don’t identify with traditional organisations they wanted to offer a support service that really made a difference in the life of a small business owner. Their philosophy is that there are two ways to increase your profits – not just by earning more money but by lowering your costs. To this end they offer a range of benefits that they work to negotiate that can truly help the small business owner. This includes significantly discounted space at the Business Show and fantastically reduced costs on resources like business cards and phone lines.

Once YBC was set up the organisers Ted Wizgell and Paul Kelley decided to start running networking groups, offering their growing base the opportunity to do business and make invaluable connections in their local area. Costing only £12.00 for members and £15.00 for non-members these groups continue to grow and impressively there are now a dozen or so spread across London with new groups popping up regularly – including one in Manchester with plans to extend the reach to Birmingham, Leeds and beyond.

Following a simple yet effective format these meetings can be chaired by any member who wishes to start a group in their local area, with the help of the founders who will assist in all the logistical challenges. Running from 8-10 am and offering each guest and member the opportunity to present their business for a minute as well as one member the chance to give a 10 minute presentation, the meetings do not set out to revolutionise the traditional networking format. However, what they do exceptionally well is provide an informal atmosphere for attendees to truly feel welcome. Attracting a range of business owners from all different walks of life at YBC everyone really is welcome and Ted, Paul as well as their recent addition Mia all go out of their way to make sure each person feels truly comfortable. Not only that, if you do join you really do become part of a community that exists to offer help, advice and support.

Not only that, but YBC often partner with the local council to provide focused expo days for that community. With exhibitions, networking and talks these see well over two hundred people attend and allow localities to celebrate the fantastic accomplishments of small businesses. Completely free of charge and often accompanied by free prosecco – these are not only a great opportunity to network, but seriously fun. They also arrange YBC expos often at prestigious locations such as WeWork and Natwest where members and non-members alike can meet, mingle and do business. And, finally, as if all that wasn’t enough they do a special YBC Women Doing Business allowing women to celebrate their contributions.

Iwant2network spoke with one member who commented, “I have done a fair amount of networking, but found YBC to be a cut above the rest. Ted and his team were so supportive and really do attract some fantastic guests – I got business on my second visit and joined on my third. Now, I am leading the Camden group and am grateful for not only the business development, but personal too.”

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