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IWant2Network is run by Cavara Business Services and our team of dedicated networking specialists in the UK.

Well known for being an associate of the Women in Business Network (WIBN) across London and associated networking communities, Cavara has a strong background in marketing and PR with team members having previously worked with household names such as Batchelors, Wembley Stadium, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Marie Curie.

Born out of Cavara’s passion for networking and face-to-face communication, IWant2Network means you can say goodbye to trawling through search engines for hours on end looking for business events and opportunities near your home or office.

Yep, I Want2Network has done that bit for you already. How’s that for great value?

Just log onto IWant2Network and we’ll serve up business opportunities on a plate with easy to find global listings for professional people wanting to organise or attend business networking events on a regular basis.

And it won’t cost you a single Pound, Euro, Yen or Dollar to become a member.

So whether you’re looking for a networking event on your doorstep, in Dorset or over the Irish Sea in Dublin, IWant2Network has hopefully got you covered. If not and you want to add a networking group you can do that on our membership page.

It’s early days for IWant2Network but well-known brands such as Metro Bank, Perkbox and MOO! are already onboard as official partners and sharing in our start-up journey.

We hope you can join us to!

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Pre-booking required

Pre-booking required