In business every day is a school day! That’s why we collaborate with experts in their field to run these intensive masterclasses. Held both online and in-person, our masterclasses for business owners and their teams cover a diverse range of subjects. Past masterclasses include Marketing, LinkedIn, Strategy, PR, Business Planning and networking skills. You can attend our masterclasses as a member or a non-member, to help you grow your business knowledge. We also provide business networking training to all our Networking90 members helping them get the most from their membership, a lot of which is provided for free within their membership.

Networking Masterclass

Networking should be a beneficial, time-effective, and engaging way to build your business. Networking is a long-term investment like a marathon rather than a sprint, and when done right, it will prove to be an incredible sales and marketing tool.

Within this intensive online workshop, you will learn:

Driven to grow their business or themselves

How to make networking effective for you, your business, and any colleagues who also attend in the name of your company.

Strategic ideas to change up your scripts & spotlight sessions to inspire new leads and introductions.

How to do the best follow-ups, introductions, and referrals (and why they are essential for your networking success).

What to do after a meeting and how to develop strong supportive sales teams from your networking events, including an exclusive guide to 121’s that you can use for the best strategy for questions to help you build rapport and relationships with those you meet.

All of this, jam-packed into a succinct and informative online training session – and you’ll get the full downloads after the networking mastermind, so you can utilise all of this knowledge to your advantage afterwards.

And of course, it’s a great opportunity to network with those in the training session & implement your training.

This is a hybrid offering so you can book in online, or join us face to face. Both run at the same time.

Masterclass X

Masterclass X is our full day masterclass session to help you really focus on an area in your business that deserves your time.

Half Day Business Training to drive your business forward.

We bring in an expert speaker on an specialist subject such as marketing, strategy, goal setting, or time management, to speak on this topic to help members and non-members grow their business and help drive them forwards.

These sessions are either hosted in London or online. Not only is it a great way to develop your business skills & learn essential topics for your business, but it is also an excellent opportunity to grow your network & build your relationships with fellow quality professionals and business owners.

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