The Curry Club

12 Jul, 2017 | Blog

Right in the centre of London, The Curry Club has been going for five years and has proven itself to be a favourite of property and financial professionals. Following a similar format to the other networking events, but with the rather enticing addition of some really fantastic curry – and plenty of it, it really is a must visit for any of our readers who are keen to network within the property and finance sector.

With around 80 people in attendance, the open networking section at the start may seem a little daunting, but I recommend just striking up a conversation as most of the people are friendly and are there for exactly the same reason as you – to make new contacts. The meeting starts at around 12.30 although having arrived at precisely 12.31 to a room thronging with people, I would suggest getting there a little early – offering you more opportunity to “work the room” and make that initial entry slightly less overwhelming. On entry you will be handed a list of the professionals in attendance which can prove helpful in choosing who you want to speak with.

There is then around 45 minutes of open networking, at which point you will all be called to sit down. The clever and seasoned networker will already have nabbed their seat so make sure to lay claim to your chair sooner rather than later. Now, the room is split into smaller and larger tables and I would actually go for the smaller, more intimate tables. The round table will allow you to speak to far more people than the longer, rectangle tables whilst should you need the toilet it will avoid any awkward fumbling or flailing as you try to exit – as our own Helena Baker was forced to do – not the greatest first impression.

If you don’t like curry, we’d recommend eating beforehand, but for those who fancy a bit of a spice on a Thursday lunchtime, the food is hot and plentiful and the staff were extremely accommodating and helpful. There is then plenty of time to eat and continue those fruitful conversations and I spied more than one person enjoying a few tipples alongside their lunch.

The event closed with a talk by Christopher Coleridge Cole of Gresham Street Partners who gave some extremely helpful advice to landlords on tax followed by some more informal networking, after which apparently a number of the regulars, as well as some new faces, headed to the Flight Club for darts and, I assume, some more drinking.

An informal, relaxed networking opportunity, The Curry Club isn’t the sort of event where you will immediately pick up a piece of work (unless you are really lucky), but instead it’s an opportunity to build long-lasting, sustainable relationships with some key property players from across the country. As founder Stephen Kettle said, “the Curry Club is a fantastic networking opportunity and I am proud to be involved in an event that has seen the start of so many powerful relationships.”

If you are interested they generally meet at the Curry Leaf East restaurant on City Road right near Moorgate station. For any further questions feel free to drop Stephen Kettle an email on Currently, the Curry Club only runs monthly in Central London, but for our Northern contingency Stephen hopes to open two further groups in his home town of Manchester, so make sure to watch out for them.