1. Chatty Cath
In truth you will come across this sort of people in every walk of life – the type of person who really, really likes to talk. Of course, the problem with this at a networking event – is that you really want to work the room, which can prove mightily difficult if you are unable to extricate yourself from the same person for the duration of the entire event. My advice The only way I know of dealing with this situation is by excusing yourself for the loo – and then, on your return, resolutely and determinedly finding a new person to engage with.
  1. The Wallflower
This person is often quite new to networking and hasn’t quite yet built up the courage to speak to people. So instead he or she (although, in our experience it’s often a he) simply loiters around, hoping people will engage with them. You will recognise them instantly by their confused glare, nervous steps and awkward shuffling. If you are feeling particularly charitable you may want to try and engage them in conversation and introduce them to some new people.
  1. The Drunk
The challenge with a lot of networking events is that they take place in mid-afternoon or in the evening and may well have an open bar. Given that networking can be a little awkward, this potent combination drives many people to alcohol, which is something we really can get behind. However, the problems start when a networker has one too many – and starts to bare the trademark signs of being drunk. All well and good on a night out, less so in a networking scenario. My advice – do whatever you can to avoid being this person – it is never a good look.
  1. The Professional Salesperson
Let’s be perfectly honest – we all attend networking events to drive sales. Yes, they have a huge range of other benefits and allow you to meet new people and improve your confidence, but ultimately we are all there because we want to grow our business. However, the best way of going about this is by meeting people, getting to know them and building relationships where they learn to trust and respect you. However, at every networking event we have attended there is always someone who has missed the memo and simply thrusts their business card into your hand alongside a diatribe on why they are the secret to your success. However, these people are preferable to the….
  1. The scarily good Salesperson
These people are experts and know exactly what they’re doing. Somehow they manage to precisely target your pain points and sell you something you never knew you needed – from sales advice to coffee grown in the wilds of Alaska, these sales people will convince you of their product’s ability to solve all your problems. And before you know it you will have signed on the dotted line. My advice – learn from these people – they are the best salespeople you will probably ever meet. Do you feel we have missed anyone on this list? Please feel free to drop us an email on networking@iwant2network.com