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Although I Want 2 Network is all about bringing busy professionals together on one platform free of charge, it sometimes pays dividends to commit to a little bit of extra investment.

We offer two different advertising opportunities in order to get your business event noticed by the right people – Banner/Sidebar Ads and Spotlight Advertising.

Maybe your event just needs that extra push in order to get extra delegates attending? Our Spotlight Advertising section helps members put their event on a bigger stage and more visible to viewers.

When you sign up to have a Spotlight Ad, your event is shown on the right hand side tab bar of the region you have selected. It is also listed in our featured events page.

We have three Spotlight Ads spots on each regional page. Prices start from £15 per quarter, meaning it can be as little as £5 to promote your event per month.

Spotlight Ads Price List

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Featured Events are only available to members.

*****Before purchasing please do make yourself familiar with our terms and conditions.*****

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