Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Speed 60

Our format is fast, fun + it works!

IW2N is a facilitated online speed networking group for UK -based businesses looking to grow through networking.

Meetings last for one hour, take place every around every six weeks + you’re welcome to come as often as you like.

You don’t need to be a member of IW2N, there’s no professional lockout + you won’t need to make any public pitches.

Is there a set format for IW2N60?

Yes! After a quick welcome you’ll be placed in a succession of online breakout rooms, so you can network 1:1 with as many people as possible in the hour. You’ll have up to 4 minutes in each room.

You’ll get a delegate sheet featuring contact details of everyone present, so you can follow up with any people you don’t get a chance to meet in a breakout room.

The meeting will be formally closed when everyone is back in the main room again.

How can I prepare for the meetings?

Practise your pitch so it sums up who you are, what you do + your target market. Remember it’s also really important to listen to the people who are speaking to you + think about who you can introduce them to + how you can help them.

Speed networking explainer video

Speed 60 Meeting Dates

11th February 2021

I joined Iwant2Network event for the first time in June through a recommendation of a friend, and found it to be great. The speed 1-2-1 sessions allowed for me to get to know people in a deeper level for a few minutes, so we could exchange details and take the conversion forward a little more than normal large group networking settings. It allowed for multiple 1-2-1s so it was also very efficient and effective. Would recommend you try it out!

I absolutely enjoy the Speed Networking events, and have been attending them in person, but also virtually since Lockdown.

They are vibrant, fun and extremely well organised. They are also brilliant for my business as I have made some great contacts every time I have attended.

I thoroughly enjoy the speed networking events that Lizzie hosts and have found them a great way to expand my professional network. The format works well and I have been able to meet a lot of people in a short time and then follow up for more in depth discussions after. I have been particularly impressed with how the running has been adapted during lockdown. I would happily recommend IW2N to friends and colleagues. I am looking forward to participating in Lizzie’s new event format in July.

The IW2N Speed Networking event is well organised and attracts a diverse number of professions. What I particularly like is that during the event I will meet up to 20 people and be able to assess in my own time who I wish to follow up with to have a more in-depth conversation. This is in comparison to your typical events where you mingle and in the same time only meet up to four people and so IW2N events are a valuable use of business development time. I never hesitate to recommend IW2N events and a true credit to the event organisers is how it has seamlessly transitioned to an online format and so continues to facilitate business during this difficult time for everyone.