Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Speed 60

Our format is fast, fun + it works!

IW2N is a facilitated online speed networking group for UK -based businesses looking to grow through networking.

Meetings last for one hour, take place every around every six weeks + you’re welcome to come as often as you like.

You don’t need to be a member of IW2N, there’s no professional lockout + you won’t need to make any public pitches.

Is there a set format for IW2N60?

Yes! After a quick welcome you’ll be placed in a succession of online breakout rooms, so you can network 1:1 with as many people as possible in the hour. You’ll have up to 4 minutes in each room.

You’ll get a delegate sheet featuring contact details of everyone present, so you can follow up with any people you don’t get a chance to meet in a breakout room.

The meeting will be formally closed when everyone is back in the main room again.

How can I prepare for the meetings?

Practise your pitch so it sums up who you are, what you do + your target market. Remember it’s also really important to listen to the people who are speaking to you + think about who you can introduce them to + how you can help them.

Speed networking explainer video