Review of Business Junction by Helena Baker

27 Jul, 2017 | Blog

Founded just a little over 15 years ago, Business Junction exists only in the London networking scene. Regularly attracting a range of established businesses both as members, and perhaps more importantly as guests – it has proven to be extremely popular. Some of its members have even been involved since its inception, pretty impressive given the cyclical nature that dictates the popularity of networking groups. Featuring a wide variety of businesses from sole traders to large financial corporates it really is an invaluable resource for any type of business. Although given the format it might be slightly more appropriate for the more seasoned networker who is happy to walk into a room full of people.

So what has made Business Junction such a favourite of London businesses?

Firstly, Business Junction offers its members a huge range of options, this includes big breath here: weekly lunchtime meetings, monthly champagne breakfast meetings and quarterly evening events that come with complimentary drinks and canapes (not that that is a deciding factor, obviously) but which can help ease any of the nerves of the uninitiated.

Impressively, before each meeting the organiser of Business Junction, the ever lovely and extremely approachable Fiona Ross, sends out a list detailing each attendee meaning you can, if you feel so inclined to, take a slightly more targeted approach in working out who you wish to speak with.

Another USP of Business Junction (to make use of some marketing terminology) is that each event is held in a different venue. This gives members and guests the opportunity to explore some new areas in London as well as some of their better restaurants, including a Michelin starred eatery, not too shabby.

The Champagne breakfast meetings (8.00-10.00am) follow the format of traditional networking meetings with some informal networking followed by an opportunity to give a 60 second spiel about your business as well as a chance to pass round your business cards. They normally attract around 40-50 businesses including a fair few visitors and if that’s not enough, perhaps the promise of free champagne at 8am might help inspire you.

The lunch meetings (12.30-2.30pm) are far more informal – attracting anywhere from 50-80 guests and require a little more gumption in approaching other professionals. I have to say the vast majority of people are extremely friendly and you should have no problem engaging with the other business owners and employees, but if you are a little nervous I would recommend attending a breakfast event, which will give you the opportunity to get to know some of the members beforehand – meaning there will be some familiar faces.

And then finally there are the evening events (5.30-9pm) which often go on quite late into the evening and are pretty informal. With complimentary welcome drinks and well over 100 attendees, they are free for members, really are great fun and offer some properly informal networking. Although I would still recommend enjoying yourself in moderation…. you know, no dancing on tables or the like.

If you are interested in joining Business Junction, membership is £295.00 a year plus VAT or £25.00 a month plus VAT and then each meeting costs £20.00 (all the evening events are free of charge to members). You can visit twice as a non-member to try the network out at a cost of £25+VAT per event.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact Fiona Ross who as well as being an extremely proficient organiser is also a great networker. You can drop her an email on or give her a call on 0203 667 6776.