What is IWant2Network?

IWant2Network is the new global website for busy, professional networkers who want to really connect.

Who and what is it for?

For professional networkers, it’s the go-to place for the best networking groups, locally, nationally and all over the world.

For organisers, it’s the chance to get their networking events in front of the people that matter. No latte loungers or ladies who lunch, just serious individuals who want to talk business.

And for advertisers, it’s the perfect place to promote a product, event or service, to business-minded people with big ideas and big aspirations.

Right now, there’s no other global website like it.

So what’s in it for me?

By becoming a reseller, you’ll be able to make a regular income through your existing connections. You’ll also be helping them grow their businesses by advertising with us.

And by getting involved right at the start, you’ll be able to lock out your competition in the locations you choose, and put yourself at the heart of your local networking hub.

How does it work?

IWant2Network may be the new kid on the block, but it’s growing fast.

By becoming a reseller, you’ll be able to share in this growth from the start, by persuading your connections to advertise their businesses with us.

What would I be selling?

IWant2Network has six advertising slots in each location up for : three sidebars and three footers, on random rotation.

As a reseller, your role is to sell those slots to your connections, giving them the chance to put themselves in front of the people that matter.

How much could I earn?

An IWant2Network sidebar is charged at £149 plus VAT for the year and Footer for £125 plus for the year, Resellers work on commission, taking a percentage everything they sell. So on average you can make £45 per advert.

For more details on the commission model and the Reseller Pack email networking@iwant2network.com