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Featured Playlist of the Month: Karaoke Playlist

IWant2Network does Karoke To mark our next member social – which is at Karoke Bar Lucky Voice, here is a great playlist to inspire those hair brush mic moments.

New Beginnings

To get inspired for the new year, this playlist shares our top songs all about new beginnings.

British Classics

To celebrate our partnership and networking event with Fortnum & Mason, discover some of our favourite British Classics in this playlist.

Going Underground

To commemorate our collaborative quirky networking event at The London Transport Museum, this London Tube related playlist will get you going even if you’re not jumping on the train.

Sweet like chocolate

We all love a sweet treat here at IWant2Network, and to celebrate the Easter networking season, these chocolate related songs will get you focused!

Schools Out for Summer

Get buzzing and enjoy the summer holidays with this uplifting playlist packed with school hits to get you working, even if the kids are about!

International Women’s Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day in style with these powerful songs by our female singers and songwriters.

Get your focus on

If you need to get your head down then this playlist is for you! Get focused and complete those business tasks, and don’t forget those 20 minutes in to do your networking follow ups!

Networking90 Power Tunes

Our Networking90 members put their votes in, and these are the top picks to get you through those important meetings and networking events!

Love Networking

Love networking as much as we do? Check out this business & networking inspired playlist. Perfect for the commute to a Networking event, or just before you join a hybrid networking event from your home office.

Fri Yay

Get your weekend started with a bang with these epic tunes. Perfect for getting your final tasks done before the weekend hits.

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