Networking 90

Join IW2N90 + you’ll benefit from membership of a collaborative business community which meets online every month + face-to-face four times a year. Membership includes:

  • a professionally facilitated networking session every month, so you can grow your network + your business
  • introductions to contacts who will become a sounding board for advice + new perspectives
  • access to a group of people who will refer you, recommend you + collaborate with you
  • the opportunity to learn from speakers who are experts in their fields
  • a scheduled time to focus on working on your business, not just in it
  • go-to status in your group for your professional area
  • the opportunity to build your confidence in speaking about what you do + your ideal target market
  • training on how you can perfect your pitch, grow as a person + grow your business
  • the chance to meet with like-minded professionals from around the world

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Who Are We?

Is IW2N90 the right group for you?

Are you:

  • A senior employee or
  • A founder, director or business owner of a business you’ve been running for 2+ years?
  • Based in, or doing business in, the UK?
  • Interested in doing business in the UK + further afield?
  • Professional, proactive, ambitious + positive?

If so, IW2N90 may be the networking group you’re looking for + we’d love you to visit our next online meeting.

At IW2N90, we offer all the benefits of traditional networking PLUS all our networking meetings are online, so you can network, learn + build relationships from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll learn from inspiring + knowledgeable speakers who will come to every meeting; whether they’re invited to attend for one session, or members of the group.

PLUS as only one person per profession is permitted to join each group, you’ll get the opportunity to secure membership + establish yourself as the natural point of contact for people wanting your expert knowledge. You’ve been there, done that + got the T shirt – now it’s time to showcase your expertise + learn from others who are expert in their field.

We’ll also meet up a few times a year for a social get together. (We recommend you don’t wear your PJ bottoms for that!)

Each meeting has a set format:

  • Introduction + welcome
  • Ask the Expert: One member or an invited guest speaker will do a presentation on their specialist subject (15 minutes + 10 minutes for questions) or Business MasterMind Session: The group has a facilitated discussion around a pre-submitted business issue affecting one of the members
  • 60-second elevator pitch Each member + visitor does their 60 second pitch (20 minutes)
  • Zoom Around How can you help someone else in the group? No waffle; straight down to business (20 minutes)
  • 1:1 Mini 1:1s in breakout rooms (15 minutes)
  • Close (5 minutes)

How many people will be in my group?

Your group will have up to 15 members + up to 3 visitors a month.

How much does it cost to be a member for one year?

You can get an individual membership, or corporate membership if your company has 10+ employees. All prices include VAT.

Darwin Group Meeting Dates

10th December 2020 co-joint with the Brunel group

21st January 2021
18th February 2021
18th March 2021
15th April 2021
20th May 2021
17th June 2021
15th July 2021
August 2021 Joint Meeting TBC
16th September 2021
21st October 2021
18th November 2021
December 2021 joint meeting TBC

Brunel Group Meeting Dates

10th December 2020 – co-joint with the Darwin Group

12th January 2021
9th February 2021
9th March 2021
13th April 2021
11th May 2021
15th June 2021
13th July 2021
August 2021 Joint Meeting TBC
14th September 2021
12th October 2021
9th November 2021
December Joint Meeting TBC

Ramsey Group Meeting Dates

17th March 2021 LAUNCH
21st/22nd April 2021 TBC
19th May 2021
23rd June 2021
21st July 2021
August 2021 Joint Meeting TBC
22nd September 2021
20th October 2021
17th November 2021
December 2021 Joint Meeting TBC

How can I pay for individual membership?

Choose whichever option is best for you:

  1. One payment of £475
  2. First instalment of £170 + 11 monthly payment of £29.09 (total: £490)
  3. If you are a sole trader, spread the total cost with 12 monthly payments of £42.50 (total: £510)

How can I pay for corporate membership?

Choose whichever option is best for you:

  1. One payment of £575
  2. First instalment of £290 + 11 monthly payment of £27.27 (total: £590)

Corporate memberships can be shared between two people, either of whom can attend each event.

When you’re in month 11 of your membership, you’ll have the opportunity to secure your seat again by paying upfront or carrying on with your monthly instalments.

What do my membership fees cover?

Your fees cover all of the following (+ more……)

  • Membership administration
  • Professional lockout – one profession category per group – so you can be the expert in your group
  • One online networking meeting per month for one year (please ask for meeting times + dates for the group you’d like to join)
  • Three social face-to-face get togethers in London per year (when possible), with members from all IW2N90 groups
  • Training on how to perfect your pitch
  • Your business featured on the IW2N90 members website
  • An advert on the IW2N site
  • 50% off IW2N60 online speed networking tickets

How do I join?

Once you’ve decided to join IW2N90, we will send you an online application sign-up link. Then, once your membership has been approved + you’ve made your first payment, your professional lockout is activated.

Are visitors welcome at IW2N90?

Yes. Visitors pay £20 to visit a group. As a visitor, you can visit one group twice, or two groups once, but if you wish to come again you will need to join your chosen group.

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Will the meetings still be online when the coronavirus lockdown ends in London?

Yes. Online meetings can welcome members irrespective of where they live + work. They are also incredibly time-efficient as there’s no travel time. You can turn on your computer, have the meeting + 90 minutes later you can get on with whatever’s next on your to-do list.

Why are the meetings once a month?

Monthly meetings enable relationships to be built + sustained without the onerous commitment of more regular meetings.

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Darwin Group Meeting Dates

19th November
10th December co-joint with the Brunel group

Brunel Group Meeting Dates

10th November
10th December – co-joint with the Darwin Group