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No need to give up networking just because you’re stuck at home. Apparently it’s just as useful and fun as the real thing. So if you’re proactive, ambitious and positive and want to spread your reach across the country and beyond, you’re in the right place.

Rave Reviews

Cavara has evolved all her networking events to meet the demands of her members and has “stayed open for business” . Doing business over a table has been seemlessly moved over to an online round table, and a sense of community has not only remained strong but has grown to welcome new members.

IW2N is a relatively new networking group. It is online only which is a great bonus as it means less travel and connections can be made nationwide. I have found it a very friendly and buzzing group with great business opportunities.

The best thing about Netwroking90 is the mini 1-2-1s at the end in breakout rooms. No need to carve out extra precious times between meetings!