Welcome to IWant2Network
This is our member charter.

We believe the top 5 values in business are:
Being Driven

Qualities we look for in our members

Supportive of other members and helping them connect & collaborate with others.

Utilising the membership by using the training, visiting other groups,
events and tools available.

Prevent being reminded to pay by keeping your GoCardless details up to date so your membership payment goes out on time.

Build close relationships with fellow members, so your network can grow to have a group of business contacts to call upon.

Attendance – if you are unable to attend a meeting we ask that you send a substitute. Substitutes can be anyone as long as the subs
category hasn’t already been taken.

Driving sales – help others in your group by investing in their business
services or products if/when you need them

Recommending the network to your business contacts to help grow the network for everyone

Membership Dont’s

Stay off politics and hot topics
Communication is key – consider how you communicate with others, noone likes bad manners
Time keeping and non-attendance. Continuous non-attendance
of 3 of more meetings may result in your membership being cancelled.