Meet the Buyer

It can be frustrating going to networking events where you can theoretically collaborate with those in the room, but because of a one-profession rule you aren’t potentially “permitted” to do so.

This is a great opportunity to network with other likeminded business professionals that ultimately want to grow their businesses together.

What do we offer?

  • A quality networking session in which you will organise appointments with decision makers who want to work collaboratively with you.
  • An exceptional opportunity in which you can find people who are looking for suppliers just like you.
  • A focused networking space where you can broaden your contacts within your industry.

Meet the Buyer is a virtual & professional networking experience where business owners and those responsible for sales and development, can meet, and even pre-book appointments with others to discuss opportunities for providing quotes and collaborations with one another. All in the environment of a focused virtual networking space.

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Appointments and Networking what’s not to love?

While you are outside of your 121 meetings and appointments with those decision makers, and curating strong collaborative relationships, we have our “open networking” space where you can meet others in between and continue your networking further.

With the power of Zoom we are able to open up this experience that was once only available in a face to face setting, meaning you can broaden your connections to national and even global horizons.

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