Masterclass PLUS Networking Session

Learn how to make the most of your networking events with this networking training intensive workshop.


Are you getting the most from the networking events you attend?

Let’s face it – Networking is an essential part of building any business. You can’t get a better sales pitch than one that has been shared through word of mouth or referrals, but how can you make the most of each and every networking event?

If you’re new to networking you may be feeling overwhelmed by what the faux pas are, and how to make sure you are presenting with an impact that will stay with the room.

If you’re a seasoned networker, you may be wondering how to make sure you’re continuing to develop your relationships and grow your ROI from the events you attend.

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Masterclass+ Training: How to get the most from Networking

£35.40 - £51.07

Masterclass+ Training: How to get the most from Networking

£35.40 - £51.07

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How to make the most of your networking

Networking should be a beneficial, time-effective, and engaging way to build your business. Networking is a long-term investment like a marathon rather than a sprint, and when done right, it will prove to be an incredible sales and marketing tool.

Our expert speaker, Lizzie Phillips, has run and attended networking events since 2007 and don’t worry – she has seen it all!

With a marketing degree in hand, she understands the importance of networking. She will share with you her exceptional knowledge from 15 years of face to face, structured, online, hybrid, open and speed networking events so you can turn up to your next networking event with everything you need to know to get the contacts you deserve for your business.

What will you get from this networking training masterclass?

Within this intensive online workshop, you will learn:

  • How to make the most impactful scripts for your 7 second, 45 second, or 1-minute pitch with a downloadable guide to take home with you.
  • How to make networking effective for you, your business, and any colleagues who also attend in the name of your company.
  • Strategic ideas to change up your scripts & spotlight sessions to inspire new leads and introductions.
  • How to do the best follow-ups, introductions, and referrals (and why they are essential for your networking success).
  • What to do after a meeting and how to develop strong supportive sales teams from your networking events, including an exclusive guide to 121’s that you can use for the best strategy for questions to help you build rapport and relationships with those you meet.

Refreshments are included.

All of this, jam-packed into a succinct and informative masterclass training session – and you’ll get the full downloads after the networking mastermind, so you can utilise all of this knowledge to your advantage afterwards.

And of course, it’s a great opportunity to network, face to face with those in the training session & implement your training.

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