Maiden Voyage

12 Sep, 2017 | Partners

I Want 2 Network have partnered with Maiden Voyage to provide an all-round networking solution for female networkers and travellers. Set up by former Freelance IT Consultant, Carolyn Pearson, Maiden Voyage is a global travel solutions provider that makes business travel safe and social for lone female travellers.
We want to be rid of the days where women feel they have to order room service, or dine alone in a less than favourable hotel due to a lack of other options, or safety concerns.

By subscribing to one of IW2N’s membership plans, your network will also receive a gifted Maiden Voyage group membership with the following perks;

  • Benefit from the advice and expertise of our local ambassadors in over 70 cities worldwide
  • Dedicated city guides
  • Access to exclusive hotel perks e.g. upgrades & spa treatments at certified female friendly hotels
  • Travel safety information and eLearning
  • Monthly newsletter including useful articles, competitions and offers.

Using a dedicated group code, your members can actively connect with each other when travelling to the same destination meaning no more missed networking opportunities.

There is also an option to opt-in for a re-selling agreement, whereby your members receive a 10% discount on Maiden Voyage’s eLearning modules using a personalised discount code. Your network may also earn a commission on each Maiden Voyage eLearning module sold using your discount code.

Although the IW2N membership is available to all, the Maiden Voyage group membership is restricted to female members of your network.

Please contact for information on setting up your group code, and eLearning re-selling agreement.