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London Business Networking with IWant2Network

It is our mission to become London’s number one premium business networking organisation destination.


Why business Networking in London?

London is the capital’s finest location for business owners and professionals to connect and network. We have created focused business networking events in London that bring a variety of different businesses together. We love being a business hub for those that want to do business in London and further afield, enabling our members and visitors to do so in a focused & high quality environment.

Expand your connections and horizons in your business.

Why Networking in London?

Perhaps you already are trading in your local area and want to now expand your clients and the type of clients you are working with. Being able to network (business networking) in London, develop your networking connections further, and attend focused business networking sessions will enable you to improve your high quality connections & grow your business.

Networking in London with IWant2Network can do just that.

We have networking that is business focused at the front of everything we do. With our Business Networking events in London, we are providing a London Networking hub that professionals and business owners come to for excellence in networking.

What we provide with our London networking events:

We have two different areas to the business – Networking90 and IWant2Network. I have put information about each London Networking Membership Offering below.


In a nutshell, we offer:

Better quality discussions with the right people in London.

A genuine pipeline for your business.

Exceptional networking opportunities over and above monthly meetings in London.

Member benefits that are hand-picked to help you grow.

London-based events with some of the most prestigious and well-known locations in London including The Riverside Restaurant at The Savoy, Fortnum & Mason, and Chanel, to name just a few.

All of our London business networking connections and our members are carefully selected

we don’t just let anyone in.

We really do pride ourselves on providing quality rather than quantity. This is why we align ourselves with great partners such as Molton Brown, Fortnum & Mason and Landmark; as well as quirky venues such as Dishoom, London Transport Museum, Swinger’s Crazy Golf Company, all to deliver unique business networking experiences in London.

Truly London

Business networking groups in London

We run two networking membership groups in London – Wren and Turing (we name all of our groups after iconic people).

  • Turing meets at the prestigious Heron Tower – 4:15pm – 5:45pm
  • Wren meets centrally in London – 11am – 12:30pm

These London networking groups are for businesses that want to meet with other London businesses or have a mindset that they wish to expand their business further.

These networking groups provide opportunities to connect with other businesses that are already doing international business trade, as well as the opportunity to work with international brands.

These groups are classed as our Platinum networking groups which means you really are getting premium networking.

In addition, we have a mixture of boardroom meetings and networking meetings which are more activity based.

Every quarter, we host a networking activity meeting like crazy golf, virtual target shooting practice, and brunch which creates opportunities for our members to forge stronger business relationships with one another.


Uniique Business Networking in London

We have found that providing a fun activity with a more social element really forges great networking relationships. This distinct networking solution makes us truly unique as a networking organisation. We have found that by combining focused business networking events with more social and relaxed networking opportunities, our members deepen their connections & thus create stronger relationships. You won’t find any other networking organisation that does this.

In addition to your 12 meetings as a member of one of our London networking groups, you will have exclusive sessions which are only included in these Platinum networking groups including:

  • Masterclasses to get your business moving subjects in the past have been about podcasting, LinkedIn and business planning.
  • 12 hot desk spaces in a year thanks to our partnership with Landmark who are a premium meeting room space in London.
  • 5 business books per year discuss & broaden our business knowledge.
  • 2 exclusive socials just for Turing and Wren groups with private networking events in prestigious locations across London – venues have included Fortnum & Mason, Royal Opera House & Marina Renaldi. These sessions provide opportunities for our members to meet one another and build their connections and ultimately do business.
  • 4 additional IWant2Network events to network with other businesses and professionals across London and further afield.
  • 4 socials with our 6 networking groups yes, we run online groups too! These socials are held in London for our members to connect across the network with our online and London members.

If you want to broaden your network and do so in a focused yet unparalleled way, then we invite you to come and visit one of our London-based networking events soon.

A bit of London

IWant2Network Membership Pass

IWant2Network Membership pass runs in 5 or 10 months, and we run two to three London-based networking events every month.

The pass works well as a good entry-level networking solution. We developed the IWant2Network Networking Pass for those that would like to explore our networking before moving onto business networking membership groups.

As we have so many different events going on, there is always going to be a business networking event in London at a time to suit your busy diary needs. From lunch networking events at London Transport Museum, to brunch networking sessions at Swinger’s Crazy Golf, to evening networking events a Molton Brown and Dishoom.

We get a variety of different sectors including legal, creative, operations and finance at these events, so you will be able to network with a selection of excellent industries. While we do not have a one profession rule, we do ensure the room isn’t over run with the same category. This means you can expand your connections across various different industries.

We don’t just throw you in a room and make you get on with it either. We facilitate our networking sessions to make sure you really do get to meet everybody. Plus as we get to know our members we know who will benefit from meeting one another. We host up to twenty people in the room at our business networking events to ensure that the quality connections in the room can have meaningful connections. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity connections, so our networking events ensure our attendees can meet with everyone in the room, without missing out and leaving wondering why they haven’t met the right people.

The Networking Pass ultimately enables you to pick and choose up to 6 events as well as a taster of some of the additional perks that we provide for our Networking90 members.

Perks include:

Hot desking in London

IWant2Network Pass

Access to our members WhatsApp group which is very active.

Weekly LinkedIn pod

Discounts with our hand-picked business partners

IW2N Networking Pass

N90 Membership

N90 Packages



Attending the in-person event at Dishoom was an enriching experience that exceeded my expectations. The event was impeccably organized and structured, thanks to Lizzie’s exceptional skills, and her warm hospitality made me feel incredibly welcomed. In addition to gaining valuable insights from the event, Lizzie went above and beyond by following up with me via email and introducing me to potential connections that could further enhance my experience. I am already looking forward to attending another event at Dishoom.”

Nicola Hopwood

“The session was warm, friendly and incredibly well organised. Many events have no format or it is very loose, connection opportunities do not come to fruition and the sessions can seem a tad stale. As someone with a lot of energy and enjoys the rapport element, the session had everything needed and in 90 mins. An expert speaker in their field, a ’round the room’ opportunity to talk about us, a focussed individual ‘swap’ sectio [big focus] and a chance to reflect, drink coffee and casually chat at the end. FANTASTIC and highly recommend…”

Kate Gathard

“I started networking at the beginning of the year and Lizzie could not have been more welcoming. Not only have I gained vital business contacts I have also gained a supportive network of like minded people. Lizzie’s meetings are structured but fun and you always leave a session feeling highly motivated and ready to face a new challenge.”

Lyndsay Wolfe