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Unlock unparalleled networking opportunities for your team with our exclusive IWant2Network Corporate London Pass. At IWant2Network, we understand the significance of fostering connections and expanding professional networks in London. That’s why we’ve curated the perfect  solution tailored for businesses like yours – the IWant2Network Corporate Pass.

Designed to empower your team, our corporate pass gives your business one ticket per event to any 2 of our premier networking events in London each month, all with one convenient annual payment. Say goodbye to the hassle of individual event registrations and hello to a excellent networking possibilities.

You get to visit our IWant2Network events up to twice before you make a decision to join our Pass, if you prefer. You can check out our Eventbrite page to book in as a visitor to any of our IWant2Network events.

About the IWant2Network Corporate Pass

What sets our events apart? We take pride in hosting our networking events in some of London’s most captivating and iconic venues. From the historic halls of Westminster Abbey to the opulent settings of the Savoy, or the iconic Tower Bridge – our venues are chosen to inspire and elevate networking experiences. Partnering with esteemed venues like Dishoom, Fortnum & Mason, Flight Club, and the London Transport Museum, we guarantee an unforgettable networking journey.

With the opportunity to connect and build relationships with up to 25 professionals at each event, your team will thrive in our dynamic networking environment. On average we run 3 networking events per month in London, there’s ample opportunity for your team to curate their networking experience.

Elevate your team’s networking experiences with our expertly facilitated and professional London networking sessions. Expand their client base, forge valuable connections, and propel the business towards success with the IWant2Network Corporate London Pass.

Unlock the power of networking in London with the IWant2Network Corporate London Pass today. Let’s connect and grow together.

Networking in London - networking events for businesses in London
Networking in London - networking events for businesses in London

The IWant2Network Corporate london Pass –

What’s Included

2 events per month

Pick and choose up to 2 events from our IW2N events Calendar each month.


Access to I2WN WhatsApp group where I run a weekly Linkedin POD.


Discounts and offers with selected partners


Should you decide to become a member of an N90 group whilst on a pass you will receive up to £100 off membership.


IWant2Network Corporate Networking Pass

Only £899 + VAT

Read the Terms Of Service before buying our passes.

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