IWant2Network Quirky Events

Networking events created exclusively for those who want to connect without the need to be a member.

We Love Quirky

Networking can happen in the strangest of places – with a conversation starter to help encourage conversation, our Quirky Networking Events are for Networking90 members to create strong quality relationships in a unique way, outside of our regular networking meetings.

You can network at a museum, a curry house, a rugby match, or even playing a game of monopoly! Being a business owner, we understand that the days of “team building” or corporate away days with the added fun element of unique experiences aren’t as accessible while we run our own businesses or are a small team.

So, we wanted to create events that feel fun, whilst being beneficial for your business at the same time for our members.

We’ve a got a huge selection of quirky events coming up, and we are always open to discovering more places and event opportunities. If you run a venue or unique space that would like to host our next Quirky Networking Event, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

Upcoming Events

Networking90 Quirky Business Socials at The London Transport Museum

£39.00 - £47.40

List of all our events via EventBrite can be found here.