23 Mar, 2018 | Partners

iTroduce (introduce without the n) has been built by networkers for people who network. It saves you time, shows you who the givers are and tracks every introduction made to and from you and your network.

iTroduce allows the user to:

  • Save time by showing you who the key givers are within your network, so you can build even tighter, trusted and valuable networks with your most valued connections.
  • Ensures you never forget to make a connection or referral and keeps a record of who you connected with whom against a contacts profile and whether they connected or not.
  • If a connection turns into business, it reminds you who made the connection, so you never forget to thank the giver.
  • Allows you to merge all your contacts into a single database and introduce connections on and off the platform.

iTroduce, in effect, is your own personal networking PA who keeps notes and tracks everything you and your network do.

An individual’s contacts are private, the system doesn’t allow unsolicited contact requests and all the data entered by you and held in the system is owned by YOU. ITroduce won’t sell your data to third parties or use it to allow other members to repeatedly spam you…the way it should be.

The platform is FREE to use for 12 months and then £4.49 per year thereafter. To find out more about what iTroduce can do for your networking, visit