With the recent uptake of so many networking events coming to online systems like Zoom, they have added a host of new features that users may not even know about – one of these is the custom background feature!

Your background in your meetings through Zoom can say a lot about you – and can be a great way to share your message in a flash, just by joining the meeting with your video. So how can you make your own bespoke Zoom background and how can you make it show up within your Zoom meetings?


When you want to create your own Zoom background for online networking meetings, there are some things you need to remember:

  1. The best sizing for your Zoom background: 1280px wide by 720px tall.
  2. Keep it simple – the background feature masks everything but your body and face, so keeping it simple will help from glitches occurring with your video meetings.
  3. Use a PNG, JPG, or even an MP4. Zoom can allow Zoom videos to be in your background, but we do recommend using a PNG or JPG to keep the system from causing issues with your connection.


Now you have created your Zoom background, you want to make it work on the background for your meeting! Here are the steps to take, when you want to add your own virtual background.


  1. Sign into Zoom.how to make a virtual zoom background for online meetings
  2. Go to “settings” (the cog at the top right of the Zoom box)
  3. Click “Virtual Backgrounds” which are on the left of the settings pop up screen, 6 down from the top.
  4. You will then see an array of pre-made backgrounds, as well as the option to add your own – click the “+” symbol to the top right of these pictures and then find the image you have created and upload it.
  5. You can then test the way it looks by previewing your video within this virtual background section to make sure it works well for your positioning and for movement.
  6. You’re all set! This will be your automatic background for all meetings.

If you want to have the background you have made for only certain meetings, then you can add the virtual background whilst you are in the meeting. This can be done by:

  1. Click the arrow next to your “video” button.how to change my background on zoom during a video call
  2. Click “Video Settings”
  3. In this section you will then see a pop up with the options as before from your main account – click “virtual background”
  4. Upload your image and voila! You have your virtual background set for this meeting only.


With the Zoom Virtual Backgrounds feature you can be sure that you are showcasing your business in a great way, creating a talking feature for your meeting, and ensuring that any kids or family members that may be walking around aren’t taking centre stage behind you.

Have you tried the Virtual Background Feature on Zoom? We’d love to see your creations, in the comments!