The struggle is real – you’re heading to another online Zoom meeting and then you see the video reflection of yourself and you don’t quite look as bright and awake as you thought you did! Don’t fret, we caught up with anti-ageing facial specialist and permanent make up artist, April Lui, who shared her insider secrets on how to help you feel your best during your zoom meetings and look less zombie!

    1. Looking fresh starts with the preparation – hydration, good sleep, and moisturisation. If you haven’t had a lot of sleep and want to look extra fresh, you can put a mask on before too, this can be a great way to hydrate your skin and relax prior to your meeting.

April also suggests lemon water to help aid in hydration.

2. Massage your face prior to putting your make-up on. Always massage your face in an upwards motion, as this is such a bespoke process it could have its own article all to itself, so so we highly recommend you attend one of her anti-ageing massage workshops to help you discover the power of facial massage for anti-ageing and skin luminosity.

Zoom tips for looking your best 3. Colour match your make-up! The key to doing any make up well and look good is to colour match. The best way to do a colour test is on your neck or your décolletage. This will mean when you apply your foundation it will immediately be the perfect match to your neck and chest.
April suggests to apply a thick layer, leave the make up shop for an hour and let it sit on your skin, to then make sure the colour still matches with your skin tone.

Sometimes, foundation or concealer may oxidise, and it can be different on your skin versus another person’s. Also, investing in your foundation and concealer needs to be done 2 x per year – Winter, and Summer, as your skin tone will change during these seasons, and you can mix the two together as your skin tone lightens or darkens.

4. Blending is queen. This is incredibly important, and you need to make sure when you are doing your make up, look close and look far so you can see any areas that may need some more blending.

April recommends that you blend in circular motions in clockwise and anti-clockwise circles, and blend your foundation down your neck so you see no foundation lines.

5. Eyebrows are very important. You can totally transform the look of your face with a well structured and filled in eyebrow. April recommends you look at the shape of your eyebrows and there are certain points on your eyebrows to help make your face look more awake and bright. She has shared her guide to finding the points of your eyebrows in the below picture.

With these points in mind, we hope these 5 tips to looking less zombie for zoom will help you feel fresh and ready for your next Zoom networking event. Thank you so much to April Lui who shared her tips with us for this blog, and you can find out more about her and her upcoming workshops, as well as her permanent make up services, on her website.