Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men Review

15 Dec, 2017 | Blog

Fabulous women and Marvellous men is a rather unique concept. Founded by Jane Hardy, it is a networking meeting that rotates around a mum’s schedule, involves a far more relaxed approach to networking and is still a mixed networking group. With 27 groups in London, Surrey, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Hampshire, Sussex and with a constant drive to open more groups. It is the perfect option for a networking novice or an individual seeking a more relaxed approach to networking.

Running from 10am -12pm (the perfect time for a working mum), it starts with some informal networking. There is also the opportunity to pass round your business cards and promotional material following this we each had 60 seconds to give our “shpiel.” I suspect this is where the group really comes into its own because the setting is so relaxed, even the most reticent public speaker should feel comfortable. After the round robin there was an all-important pastry break after which one of the regular members gave a talk, engaging, informative and articulate- this was a fantastic talk on lessons learnt from video marketing, and really was of use to every business owner in the room.

After taking some questions we then went on to do some 1-2-1s, although I was reliably informed that this third section of the meeting can take the form of a number of activities, and really varies according the needs of the group. A testament to just how flexible their approach is, sometimes it explores current challenges a member may be facing or may engage in a thought provoking exercise, it really does depend.

I found the meeting to really ring true to the admirable ethos of Fabulous women and Marvellous men of being “uplifting and inspirational.” Attending for the first time, the group were extremely friendly and all their regular members went out of their way to say hello, which was rather lovely. Not only that, but with no pressure to refer, lockout clauses or even any attendance rules, the emphasis was very much on support and collaboration which was a welcome reprieve from the occasionally high pressure environment networking can occasionally bring.

If you are interested in attending one of their events, you can go as a visitor, or join as a member. There are two membership options:

  • Entry level membership which costs £160 at the first meeting or £180 at the second meeting. This allows you to visit any group for £10, use the Facebook member’s group and have a directory listing on the website.
  • The Business membership option which costs £250 at the first meeting or £275 after that. This includes the same benefits as the entry level membership, but also allows you to talk at the meeting, put articles on the site and get some assistance with marketing campaigns.

If you are interested in joining or would like some more information, please do feel free to check out their website http://fabulous-women.co.uk, they are also members of our website so do check out their events on iwant2network.com. Of course, if you have any networking questions at all please don’t hesitate to drop us an email on networking@iwant2network.com