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3 Reasons why you should attend

  • Professional networking that considers your business and time
  • Networking in the city with small and large businesses
  • Practice your pitch and build confidence in a structured & supportive environment

Who should attend

Busy business owners and professionals looking to build their networks in the City.

Women In Business Network – Kings Cross – London

Kings Cross is a newly launched networking group, hosted in the city, next door to the prestigious Google HQ.

Launching in early 2016, it was so successful that we had to launch a second group, St Pancras, to look after the enquiries we were receiving. This group has a great mix of smaller businesses and larger companies, which are supportive, creative, and passionate about their businesses.

We are not ladies that do lunch, we are women that do business through lunch. If you are looking for a way to build your network, get new connections and potential referral partners, in a fun and relaxed environment, then I'd love to invite you to visit the Kings Cross WIBN group.

I run 8 groups in the city, so if Kings Cross is a group that you are unable to visit, get in touch with me today, so I can find the right group to suit your requirements.

Contact me to find out more about this group, and to reserve your place.

As our meetings reserve a one person per category rule, please do share with me the category you would be attending as, so I can confirm if this group is the right fit for you.

CONTACT ME: 07816 781 199

email: lizzie.phillips@wibn.co.uk