Event Details

    3 Reasons why you should attend

    • We are a Friendly and Supportive Community
    • You are welcome to attend up to two meetings before joining
    • We believe in Collaboration not Competition

    Who should attend

    Thank you for your interest in our group, I’m Jacqui McGinn and I would love you to come to our meeting. We promise you a warm welcome, a chance to promote your business and some great connections with other business women and men. The attendance fee of £10 includes a hot drink and light refreshments and the opportunity to make a pitch for business in our 60 second round. Visitors may attend up to 2 Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men meetings before being required to join.

    Our speaker this month is TBA

    Our meetings are an effective mix of informal and structured networking and business support. Everyone is welcome, we believe in collaboration not competition so we have no restrictions on who can attend. Do bring lots of business cards, any marketing materials and, if you have products, feel free to bring samples to showcase on our display table. Don’t forget to prepare your 60 second pitch so that we can understand what you do and how we can connect you to potential buyers (we don’t mind if you read it if that would make you more comfortable).

    If you have any queries please email me on jacquimcginn@yahoo.co.uk. I look forward to seeing you.