We run lots of different business networking, from business events in London to online international networking. So are there any business networking rules or etiquette that you should follow?

So you have attended your very first business networking meeting. You have, naturally, read through all of our material on how to effectively network and how to calm your nerves at networking and you perfected your 60 second pitch. You came across as interesting, engaging and worked hard to start developing those relationships without being overtly sales-y. Congratulations – attending your first networking event can be extremely daunting. However, what next? How do you stay in contact? Begin to make those all-important relationships.

1. Email
Do not and we repeat do not blanket email the entire group or, even worse, just add them to your mailing list. This is not just potentially liable thanks to GDPR, but is also tremendously off putting. You can, however, email those people you had meaningful conversations with and try to arrange meetings with them. Try to focus not just on those people you feel can help you, but those you can support. In networking givers really do gain.

2. LinkedIn
What you can absolutely do is add the other guests on LinkedIn. Unobtrusive and why the platform was created it is a fantastic way of increasing your connections. We would then advise posting, fairly regularly, on this platform – reminding individuals that you exist and increasing your brand presence.

3. Social Media
Another way to connect with attendees of a networking group is to like or follow them on social media. Not only is this appreciated, but it also offers another opportunity to connect with them. Everytime you like one of their posts or comment on a photo, you are sending a reminder of your brand…an easy and painfree way to maintain that connection.

4. Create “reconnect” files
If there is a particular individual you really wanted to connect with and they didn’t quite reciprocate your advances and didn’t respond to your email – create a spreadsheet with people you want to connect with and wait for the perfect opportunity. Perhaps it’s an event that might interest? Or else a contact that might add benefit. Good things come to those who wait, so it may well be that you just need a little time and effort before connecting with that all important contact.

5. Keep networking
Don’t be disheartened if your first attempt didn’t yield immediate results. These things really do take time and networking is very much a long game. So even if you didn’t manage to make, what felt, like any meaningful connection then panic not. Firstly, it often takes a number of times interacting with the same people to have a substantial lead and secondly, networking really is a slow burn. And you never really know what the long term impact could be. There are plenty of stories of business owners receiving fantastic leads years after they met, and long forgot, the referrer.
If you have any more questions about networking feel free to contact us on networking@iwant2network.com and feel free to check out our website for networking events near you.