EBN Effective Business Network Review

28 May, 2018 | Blog

Iwant2network reviews ebn

This week at ebn we spoke with the delightful Glenys Chatterley about her networking company Effective Business Network; always known as ebn . Bought by Glenys almost seven years ago, when it was still Essex Business Network and had just five groups, Glenys has managed to fantastically grow the network which now boasts an impressive 16 groups spread across Greater London; including Essex, and Hertford, and with plans to reopen another in Elstree in October 2018.
With a no-nonsense attitude, (which she attribute to her Northern roots), Glenys has made ebn a force to be reckoned with. On first purchasing the brand, Glenys used her 15 years’ experience in networking to create a format that was out with the old….and well in with the old as well. Disregarding all the rigid formalities that she felt simply didn’t work and keeping those that had a tangible impact on business done, she created a company that allowed for genuine relationships and friendships to flourish.

The groups run either from 7-9am or 8-10 am and start with some informal networking, followed by the more formal 60 second ish pitch. However, unlike other networking groups, at ebn there is no timer or gong. Instead the group director relies on the discretion and maturity of the speaker not to take advantage. Even more interestingly is that once the food arrives, the pitches stop, allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy their grub without having to multi-task, and only once the table is clear do the pitches continue. This is followed by either a presentation that should focus on your personal passion and USPs, clearly demonstrating why you decided to choose your vocation, or a business discussion. Following Chatham House rules, these discussions are utterly confidential and allow the attendees the opportunity to share their grievances, concerns or successes. It is an opportunity for complete honesty and should allow members a safe space to discuss challenges unique to business owners.

The meetings themselves are every two weeks, and as part of the membership you get the opportunity to visit 3 groups a year. Obviously, you can join an unlimited number of groups and a number of members are affiliated with two or even more groups. Glenys has placed a firm limit on the firm number of members at 25, which should allow for the genuine proliferation of proper, genuine relationships. More than that…Glenys is keen to emphasise that not every application gets accepted nor is every renewal confirmed; instead she wants to make sure that the right types of business owners are members. Potential members are welcome up to 3 times and she doesn’t permit substitutes (subs) unless it’s someone from the member’s own trade to prevent a culture of professional subbing.

If you have any questions regarding ebn feel free to check out their website, give them a call on 01245 494 087 or drop them an email on enquiries@ebn.uk.com.
And, of course, if you would like to learn more about networking in your local area take a look at our website here or give us anåå email on networking@iwant2network.com.