Business Women Australia Review

21 Feb, 2018 | Blog

A formidable female-owned social enterprise that originated as a networking group, Business Women Australia has, over the past decade, gone from strength to strength. With a rather impressive mission of becoming “the most highly regarded community of business women in Australia,” it seems like they could well be on their way to achieving just that. Founded by Jennifer Bryant and Lyn Hawkins – it started its life as a regular coffee club but has grown to become an organisation that provides much more than networking.

“We identified that there was a growing need for more meaningful connections between women who are leading businesses or on an executive career journey. By developing impact education combined with social networking, we could provide more substance for ambitious women who are driving the growth of their businesses and looking to build their profile. Leading women are still keen to share experiences with female peers while embracing collaborative planning and joint ventures to make a strong impact,” said Jennifer Bryant. And so Business Women Australia was formed.

Now reaching over 10,000 women on social media and with a national presence spanning Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, it is a fantastic organisation that genuinely aims to empower women to grow personally, develop professionally and improve their business. The emphasis on training and development to help every business woman in Australia achieve their full potential has been very well received since the launch of the new concept two years ago. The majority of Business Women Australia events have an educational angle or profile building goal, and are delivered by the membership; allowing for frank and open conversation amongst women.

This is supported by a website rich in resources including short and valuable podcasts as well as videos on topics as varied as “how to implement company change” all the way to “a lawyer’s insight” – all delivered by Business Women Australia members who are experts in their field; allowing them to share their knowledge and empower other women in the process. Impressively this content is available to anyone who visits their sites; a nod to just how seriously this group takes education.

Not only do Business Women Australia have such an impressive mission, but both Lyn and Jennifer constantly reiterate their desire to listen to feedback from their members and change according to their requirements. Allowing for a fluid and flexible group that has real impact in the life of its members.

Membership is split into two halves – with classic membership starting at 330 AUS dollars and Premium membership costing 990 AUS dollars. Being a classic member allows you to access discounts, the exclusive Facebook group, webinars, events, workshops as well as the chance to be listed in their online directory. Meanwhile the Premium membership is by application only and aimed at experienced business owners or managers who want to raise their profile and be considered for a panel, podcast interview, event hosting or presenting. Being accepted at this level builds credibility and provides a great place to share knowledge and develop your business leads.

If you are interested in learning more about Business Women Australia feel free to check out their website or contact them on (Australia) 1300 601 101.
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