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Networking90 is designed for those that want to network with larger businesses or work with national / international clientele. We purposely focus on quality connections and offer four packages to enable professionals, companies and business owners to get networking in a way that suits their goals. So whether you prefer networking online, or in business Networking in London we have different package for everyone.

Networking90 – Business Networking groups 

You may feel that you’re just not getting the right type of referrals with networking and in particular networking groups in the past.

Our Networking members are there to do business in a professional structured setting. They may have employees themselves or are keen to upscale their business.

The rules are simple. Each group meet once a month, one person from each profession, strict time-keeping, and a friendly atmosphere. We pack a lot in and keep you focused for the full 90 minutes. Pressure and targets don’t work, so there’s no obligation to refer unless it’s a really strong lead.

Led and owned by me, Lizzie Phillips I can cross-refer members from six different groups as well as our IW2N membership too. As a Networking90 you also get to tap into IWant2Network events with a discount too or depending upon the  your package may be included.

We are very different to other networking organisations so why not come along as a visitor and experience for yourself. 

N90 Membership Packages

We understand that some people will prefer online (virtual), and some will prefer face to face networking. We have 6 groups, 3 online, 2 face to face in London and 1 international online group. We also have London face to face social networking and additional networking events in London so you can make the best of both worlds should you crave that human interaction.

We offer four ways to get networking as a Networking90 member, these are:

Bronze – Grow your business with our online networking groups.

Silver – Expand your business connections with our International networking.

Gold – Online networking PLUS business books & coworking mornings and some IWant2Network events in London.

Platinum London-based networking, Hot Desking, Co working, exclusive member London Networking events for quality networking in the city.

Prices shown below are on a payment option1 and are subject to VAT. Payment plan options are available for solopreneurs upon request.


What’s our Structure?

Ask the expert

A member or invited guest speaker presents on their specialist subject for 15 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions, or a MasterMind session, a facilitated group discussion around business issues our members are facing.

60-second elevator pitch

Members and visitors introduce their business. We operate a one-profession rule for our members.

Zoom around

How can you help others in the group? Any referrals or recommendations? No waffle, it’s straight down to business.

Mini 1-2-1s in breakout rooms

Tell the host who you want to chat to and she’ll make it happen.

Key Info About Networking90

Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

How many come to your networking groups?

There are up to 15 members and up to 3 visitors in a group every month. We believe in quality over quantity and we love keeping it small and cosy. Our members tell us they value the familiarity and the strength of relationships created by limited numbers.

Can I come along as a visitor before joining?

You can visit one group twice, or two groups once before deciding to take the plunge on membership. A visitor ticket costs £25 online and £45 face to face plus vat. We may not be the cheapest but our pricing reflects the quality of the connections you will make. Everyone in the ‘room’ is carefully selected.

Why should I start networking when business is already booming?

Think of it as ongoing marketing, which we all know we have to do but finding the time is tricky. If you’re not getting much out of your current networking, maybe you haven’t found the right group yet? Futureproof your business with smarter networking – try us!

How often do you meet?

Our members tell us that monthly meetings are ideal. We are all too busy for more, and it’s perfect for forming valuable relationships without resenting unmanageable time commitments. We keep in touch between meetings with a LinkedIn pod, a WhatsApp group and we have lots of additional events you can get involved in too!

Still got more questions, email us.


Hot desking

Working from home, and need a change of pace?

Perhaps you’re commuting into London and want to make the most of it?

This is what our members were asking for at Networking90 so we have partnered with Landmark to utilise their corporate club membership for our members (membership dependent).

Members can select one of seventeen London locations to get their head-down, host a business meeting, or take in these premium services of their professional shared offices.

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