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 We provide professional networking for both men and women through a series of various different networking events, both in the UK (mainly London) and further afield. We are passionate about providing quality networking and pride ourselves in providing exceptional networking experiences.

IWant2Network offer two different networking services, IWant2Network Networking Pass which are mainly different networking events in London. There is no one profession rule and is around your schedule. Networking90 are our Networking membership groups. As a Networking90 member you can choose a membership level to include some IW2N Sessions. 

Quality is always key for us, and do get in touch should you have any questions about the various different networking events in London and online we provide.


Networking90 is a membership-based monthly networking group (we have 6 to choose from) designed for driven individuals who want to learn and collaborate in a facilitated group environment.

Networking90 is designed to attract those that want to network with larger businesses or Work with national / international clientele. We purposely focus on quality. Networking members are there to do business in a professional structured setting. They may have employees themselves or keen to upscale their business.

Our membership offering is excellent value for the business owner wanting to attract the right clientele. Find out more about the different packages we offer.

IWant2Network @ Dishoom

Networking should be focused on helping you grow your connections with fellow professionals and quality business owners.

That’s why we’ve come together with the renowned London restaurant, Dishoom, to provide mid-morning networking events across their different restaurants in London to do just that!

Join us from 9:45am to 11:20am for informal yet professional networking. You’ll get your light morning breakfast freshly prepared by the incredible chefs at Dishoom, and then have the opportunity to connect with those in the room.

There will be a range of different industries and professions in the room, enabling you to grow your business network. We ensure these events provide open networking that isn’t daunting. This is a seated networking event with the opportunity to mingle throughout the session as well as a handy delegate sheet


Based in London, these networking events provide a structured and focused environment for quality professionals and business owners to network at times that suit them. While they follow the same focused business format of our Networking90 membership groups with the opportunity to showcase your business in our 1 minute rounds; learn from an expert in our “Ask the Expert” section; and encourage future collaboration & business connections with our Zoom Around Sessions, you do not have to be a member to attend and the one profession rule is relaxed.


Dip your toes into networking with a fun, fast and furious speed networking online session. You’ve got one hour to network with as many people as possible in 1-2-1 breakout rooms, for 4 minutes at a time.

Every 6 – 12 weeks, a group of ambitious professionals get together online to meet like-minded individuals. Talk fast, listen well and grow your business – at lightning speed!

You don’t need to be a member, there’s no professional lockout and no need to make any public pitches, and you can come as often as you like. We have been running speed networking sessions since 2007 and well we are a super fan! We do all the hard work and a delegate list is provided.

We Love Quirky

Networking can happen in the strangest of places – with a conversation starter to help encourage conversation, our Quirky Networking Events are for Networking90 members to create strong quality relationships in a unique way, outside of our regular networking meetings.

IW2N Quirky

IW2N Quirky are our special experiences, somewhere you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to network. Great iconic British brands and locations, that are not always open to the public after hours or access to behind the scenes.

You can network at a museum, a factory, a rugby match, or even a fashion house! Being a business owner, we understand that the days of “team building” or corporate away days with the added fun element of unique experiences aren’t as accessible while we run our own businesses or are a small team.

So, we wanted to create events that feel fun, whilst being beneficial for your business at the same time for our members.

We’ve a got a huge selection of quirky events coming up, and we are always open to discovering more places and event opportunities. If you run a venue or unique space that would like to host our next Quirky Networking Event, we would love to hear from you.

Meet the Buyer

Meet the Buyer is a virtual & professional networking experience where business owners and those responsible for sales and development, can meet, and even pre-book appointments with others to discuss opportunities for providing quotes and collaborations with one another. All in the environment of a focused virtual networking space. It can be frustrating going to networking events where you can theoretically collaborate with those in the room, but because of a one-profession rule you aren’t potentially “permitted” to do so.

This is a great opportunity to network with other likeminded business professionals that ultimately want to grow their businesses together.

A quality networking session in which you will organise appointments with decision makers who want to work collaboratively with you.

An exceptional opportunity in which you can find people who are looking for suppliers just like you.

A focused networking space where you can broaden your contacts within your industry.

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