2n-lizzieI Want 2 Network is the global business networking listing and searching website that doesn’t cost the earth.

So whether you are new to networking and want some networking advice on what to do and where to go? Or a avid networker wanting to find new networking opportunities, this is the website to do it.

So Who Is It For?

For business professionals who want to networkers, it’s the go-to place for the best networking groups, locally, nationally and all over the world.

For organisers, it’s the chance to get their networking events in front of the people that matter. No latte loungers or ladies who lunch, just serious individuals who want to talk business.

And for advertisers, it’s the perfect place to promote a product, event or service, to business-minded people with big ideas and big aspirations.

Right now, there’s no other global website like it.

Are You…?

What’s New

In the brief time since we launched, we’ve signed up some of the top UK and overseas networking organisations, and are already making our mark on Google. We’re also starting to partner up with like-minded businesses who want to share in our success. So, as Steve Jobs said, “Be the first to join something that will be in.”

If you’re an organiser looking to get your event in front of busy professionals, now is the right time become a member. We now only have 10 half price memberships left, email us for the discount code Find out what’s included.

And if you’d like to get even more involved and join us as we grow, we’d love to talk to you about becoming a partner. Send us an email.


We have announced our very own adhoc networking events which include Brunch Speed Networking and Networking with Wine Tasting. They are for networkers, networking organisers and partners of the site. Find out more about, and reserve your place, here.

Why not visit our Networking Tips section, where we have shared Networking For Introverts, as well as sharing Dressing for a Networking Event to help you build better networks.

We are already expanding globally, and currently are looking for networking groups in Spain, USA, Canada and Italy. If you run a networking group in these locations, please do get in touch. We are also looking for resellers who want to earn extra income, if this is something you would like to learn more about, please go here.

We were delighted to have been interviewed on Resonance FM radio, why not listen here:

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